Graceful Explosion Machine – Switch Review

Graceful Explosion Machine is, to its credit, the only Switch game so far to yank me free from Breath of the Wild’s iron grip. I’ve played a few quick sessions on Fast RMX and Snipperclips here and there, but thanks to the addictive high-scoring nature of Graceful Explosion Machine, I’ve been blowing up aliens for hours on […]

Of Course the Scorpio Will Have Games

On April 6 2017, Xbox and Digital Foundry collaborated to reveal the full specs of the upcoming Project Scorpio. Due towards the tail end of 2017, the upgraded Xbox One console will undoubtedly be a true powerhouse, towering over what the PS4 Pro is currently capable of. Since the initial reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft has […]

Yooka Laylee Puts Nostalgia Before Quality

The reviews for Playtonic’s Yooka Laylee have been unleashed, and they’re… well, not great. A few sites, such as IGN and Destructoid awarded the nostalgic platformer reasonable scores of seven and eight out of ten respectively, with Destructoid stating that the game is “rough around the edges, but the center is so full of heart that it’ll melt away the […]

You Should Give Danganronpa a Second Chance

The PlayStation Vita is a dying console. That much is certain as we head into a new gaming era dominated by virtual reality and incremental console upgrades. Sony dug the grave themselves thanks to bad timing, poor hardware decisions and the eventual total lack of first-party support, but the powerful handheld is home to countless […]