My Favourite Games Of 2016

Another year is almost over. It’s certainly been one of plentiful low points, from the loss of great artists to bizarre political upheavals, with many folks eager to put it behind them and get on with 2017. For gaming however, it’s been a year of pleasant surprises – sure, we’ve had the new iterations of annual franchises like Call […]

How to make a game pretty – make it rain!

Since the dawn of the first video game, developers worldwide have pushed the boundaries of gaming hardware. From bustling city life to distant tropical planets, modern games utilise cutting edge graphics to transport us to new and startlingly realistic locales. With each new generation of consoles, graphical quality in video games leapt to new heights, from […]

Top 10 Halo Moments

After a few years of pure stubbornness, I’ve finally got my hands on an Xbox One. I bought the recently released S model with a copy of Gears of War 4, and whilst I love the Gears of War series, there’s no other franchise on Xbox that gets the blood pumping quite like Halo. From […]

Bethesda Want Your Money, And They Want It NOW.

Game publisher Bethesda will no longer be handing out early review copies of their games. Instead, they’ve announced that they’ll be sending out new titles one day before their scheduled release date going forward, pretty much guaranteeing that reviews won’t be made public until after their release. For a good while now, publishers have steadily increased […]