Hitman – Looking back on A New Life

Hitman: Blood Money was, and still is for some folks, the peak of the assassination franchise. Whilst the core ideas remained largely the same as the three previous titles, IO Interactive managed to improve on virtually every aspect of the game, from graphical fidelity to various gameplay mechanics. Features previously not possible in Hitman became essential to […]

What I’d like to see in Halo 6

Halo Wars 2, the next RTS instalment in the Halo universe, is just around the corner. Fans will soon be battling ‘The Banished’ and its Brute leader Atriox, but let’s take a look beyond the upcoming release to the future, and the inevitable new chapter in the core series; Halo 6. Many fans were less […]

My time at GAME is at an end

Way back in 2008, at the young age of 18, I traipsed into my town’s flagship GAME store dressed in my Sunday best, shaking at the prospect of what was, at the time, only my second job interview. Despite playing games for the majority of my life and thus amassing a decent knowledge of the medium, I was incredibly […]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

When Resident Evil came out in 1996, it took the relatively unknown survival horror genre and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon. In the two decades since, we’ve seen the series evolve and subsequently lose its way as it attempted to woo far too many audiences at once. What was once the quintessential horror franchise […]

Metal Gear Solid: Retrospective

Metal Gear Solid was the first game I ever completed. Released in the UK in February 1999, I was just nine years old and not yet interested nor committed enough to play most games through to the end. I dabbled with titles on the Mega Drive such as Sonic 1 & 2, before moving onto Crash […]