Metal Gear Solid: Retrospective

Metal Gear Solid was the first game I ever completed. Released in the UK in February 1999, I was just nine years old and not yet interested nor committed enough to play most games through to the end. I dabbled with titles on the Mega Drive such as Sonic 1 & 2, before moving onto Crash […]

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller – Review

Nacon deliver the first must have third-party PS4 controller. PlayStation 4 fans around the world went green with envy when Microsoft unveiled their Pro Controller for the Xbox One. Billed as the ultimate gaming peripheral for pro-gamers, it sported high build quality, additional paddles, textured grip and customisable face buttons. It was a massive step […]

Are consumers sick of sequels?

2016 saw the release of multiple game sequels – we had titles such as Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2 and Dead Rising 4, among others. These games all have something in common – none of them performed as well as their respective publishers initially projected. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

My Ten Favourite PS Vita Games

The PlayStation Vita is a fascinating little machine. Commercially a complete failure in the west, the powerful handheld is nonetheless adored by thousands of fans who have embraced it as the go-to console for quirky indie titles and a plethora of JRPGs. I’d personally consider the PS Vita to be the best handheld console on […]

Watch Dogs 2 – Review

The original Watch Dogs was a perfectly okay game. Cruising around Chicago whilst hacking into various bits of in-game tech was entertaining enough, but it all felt rather half baked. Coupled with ludicrous hype from Ubisoft and the gaming media at large gave Watch Dogs a rather bitter legacy, one that would prove difficult to rebound […]