Bioshock: The Collection Review

Everyone remembers their first visit to Rapture. The experience of stepping into the bathysphere and descending into the depths of a desolate underwater city has been engraved into the minds of every modern gamer. It is one of the defining moments of its time, and remains so nearly ten years later. Bioshock: The Collection houses […]

Virginia Review

The task of reviewing a game like Virginia is a difficult one. It’s not a ‘game’ in the traditional sense of the word, with player interaction at a bare minimum. As such, it may immediately put off a large audience. It is, however, a brilliantly well told story that actually fits the medium perfectly. In the first […]

Inside – Playstation 4 Review

It was always going to be tough to follow up on a game like Limbo. The indie darling introduced players to a grim but beautiful world and helped solidify the legitimacy of digital gaming. But with Inside, Playdead have created a rare masterpiece that transcends Limbo and sets the bar for game design. Much like its predecessor, the […]